How to Take Care of Virgin Peruvian Body Wave Hair?

Virgin peruvian body wave hair is virgin peruvian hair that has been wet styled to have body wave curls.

Most important in knowing how to take care of this virgin hair extensions is to understand what virgin peruvian hair is, its qualities and how to take care of it and then understand how to retain the soft body wave curls. peruvian hair is generally a soft luxurious virgin hair extensions that is sourced from hair donors in Malaysia and further processed into different styles. The hair is very dark brown and it can retain curls for a long time, however it does not retain moisture for a long time. Taking care of virgin peruvian body wave hair requires the same amount of care that your hair does; protecting from sun, washing, moisturising, styling, detangling and so on except that the moisture retaining property of the hair should be put in mind.

Washing of the peruvian hair should be done with lukewarm water; water in the wrong temperature can cause hair to frizz. Washing should also be done with a mild light-weight shampoo that will neither strip the hair of moisture nor weigh the hair down.Peruvian body wave hair should be properly moisturised because moisture is one of the major problems of peruvian hair. Putting water in a spray bottle to use daily on hair is a good way to achieve moisture, additionally the use of conditioners after washing help the hair to stay moisturised, and leave-in conditioners can be applied to the hair. Natural oils and mild serums can serve as moisture sealants when applied to the peruvian hair extensions.

The good thing is that peruvian hair can retain curls but that does not mean that no care should be put in place to retain its curls. Firstly, after washing avoid roughly rubbing hair between towels but rather pat hair dry and lay on a flat surface to dry, also while hair is still damp, curl retainers could be added to the hair and restyled to give more definition to its curls. Bod wave curls can be gotten by rollers (flexi-rods); dampen hair with water and apply appropriate hair products and follow up by rolling hair up with flexi-rods and leaving to dry, the body wave curls will be well defined when the rollers are taken out. Another way other than rollers is to style hair into Bantu knots while damp and loose after drying. Brushing of hair should preferably be done with a wide-tooth comb that will not disrupt the curls.

At night, body wave peruvian hair should be wrapped up in a scarf or a silk hair bonnet to keep the style and moisture in place. Many people prefer to style their hair at night to save time when they are dressing up the following morning, in this case, curl retaining products as well as hair styling techniques like flexi rods and Bantu knots can be put in place at night and taken out in the morning for curl definition.
Hair should be protected from sun to avoid discoloration of hair and in cases of coloured hair; appropriate measures for taking care of coloured hair should be taken.