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Casino Changes Over the Years

When you’re thinking of a casino, it’s likely your mind goes straight to those in Las Vegas, made popular by mainstream media and the box office. Indeed, these are iconic as they are among the first casinos ever in existence, however the very first casino sat in Venice and still does. 

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The first casino ever built is situated on top of the Grand Canal in Venice called Casino di Venezia. It opened in 1638 originally as a theatre, but it soon became more famous for its gambling than its film offerings. Eventually, more casinos were built there and by 1744 there were more than 120 – play now.

Casino Houses in the 18th Centuries 

While casinos were popular in Venice for quite a while, it took a little longer for the rest of the world to follow suit. But, by the 18th century there were more gorgeous buildings built for the purpose of housing casinos in some of the most glam hot spots across the globe. 

Casino houses were built in areas including Monte Carlo, Baden-Baden, Wiesbaden and elsewhere in mainland Europe. Going to the casino house became something for gamblers to do so they could enjoy the games and sophistication that came along with them. Casinos were built this way to encourage gamblers to spend money. 

Casino Houses in the 1990s 

Things remained the same for casino houses for a long while. Casinos continued being big, brash buildings filled with games. More casino games were added over the course of time, and there was a lot of competition – as there still is today. They were popular but not everyone could go to a casino. 

Indeed, not everyone could afford the transport or time to journey to a casino, and that was one of the big problems surrounding them. The internet however, changed all that, as it has everything we enjoy in our day-to-day lives now. By the 90s the net was just starting out, and casinos were already being built online. 

Online Casino and Mobile Casino Now 

This technology-led way of opening new casinos allowed for greater free movement in the gambling industry, as more and more people were able to access casino games than ever.

Given the opportunity to play games like bingo and roulette options for real money with little effort was a very attractive aspect of the online casino. 

Since, this appeal has evolved even further. Not only are online casino sites reigning triumphant in the gambling sphere because they’re so accessible, but because greater technology has afforded us greater games than before. With new casino games now made digitally, more casino games can be made. 

Casino Changes Over the Years Conclusion 

It’s clear to see that casino changes over the years have been pretty impactful on the gambling industry as a whole, as more customers than ever are able to play. In the future, things are looking even more exciting as the industry gets ready for AI powered casino games.



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