Benefits of using NETELLER to play Slots

Benefits of using NETELLER to play Slots 

These days it seems as though pretty much everybody loves gambling on slots, but that certainly wasn’t always the case at all. Oh no, before the 17th century people couldn’t even gamble in brick and mortar cases, mainly seeing as there were none, with the first casino establishment only appearing in Venice during the 1600s. How crazy to think that a little over 300 years later everybody in the world can gamble on the Internet…

And it’s not just that, because gamblers are increasingly being treated to new technologies these days, and one of the results is the fact that there are now so many different avenues to go down in terms of deposit payment methods – visit kerching casino review. Back in the early days online casino was pretty much exclusively bank transfer dominated, but now you can use several different methods. Read on for the benefits of using NETELLER to play slots… 

Have you ever heard of NETELLER? 

First though let’s ask you a question – have you ever heard of NETELLER? You see, quite a lot of people still haven’t, and this e-wallet provider certainly isn’t on the same level as PayPal yet. But here’s the thing: people should really start taking notice of NETELLER, as they are quickly becoming a major force in the world of online monetary transfers, e-vouchers and e-wallets. 

Despite the fact they aren’t quite as famous as PayPal, NETELLER have been around for just as long, having been founded in 1999. They are now part of the Paysafe Group, a British online money transfer conglomerate, and are known for their early interest in the 2000s online casino market.

The benefits of using NETELLER to play slots

As a result of their early interest in the online casino industry NETELLER are especially good for playing slots with, mainly because of the various benefits you get with the company. In fact, in the early 21st century NETELLER were processing as much as 80% of all online gambling payments! Crazy. Here are a few key benefits of using NETELLER to play slots: 

  •         Experience: As we just mentioned, NETELLER have been passionate about dealing with online gambling payments for the last two decades, and this gives them an amount of experience that other online money transfer companies just cannot contend with. It’s nice to use a NETELLER online payment service that you know you can absolutely trust, not to mention its optimization over the years for the online casino world.
  •         Increased anonymity: Due to authorities like the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority most online casino sites are perfectly safe, but it’s still best if you can avoid giving out your bank details on any online platform. When you use NETELLER you don’t have to give away your bank details in order to pay, and this increased anonymity does wonders for online security.

·         Multiple currency support: Online slots are a global phenomenon now, so is great that NETELLER allows you to play slots with numerous different currencies.

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