Benefits of using NETELLER to play slots online

A major concern for people that play slots online is security. How do we make sure that we aren’t going to get hacked by an unfriendly party? They could gain access to all of the funds stored in our online casino account.

That would be devastating to anyone concerned about their online security and may put them off playing slots online for good – play 7s to Burn today. How do we ensure our money is secure?

The answer comes from NETELLER.


NETELLER is a service that allows their customers to move money from different accounts safely. Yes, that includes an online casino account.

It keeps their customers safe by maintaining the highest electronic security measures. This technology is patented and far beyond what normal banks have been able to implement.

Plus, with it being a digital service, it can activate anti money laundering software.

Now, there aren’t a lot of high end criminals out there seeking to use an online casino to launder their money but with NETELLER, that isn’t even an option. That keeps the online casinos safe from fraud.

What about the player’s security?

The eWallet

This is not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination, however a eWallet is a great innovation for people that play slots online.

The eWallet is a digital wallet that NETELLER customers can use to deposit and withdraw money. Think of it as a third party account, one that safely holds your money in case you do not trust a site that you are using.

This removes the need for the site to gain access to your own bank account. Instead they are taking money from your secure eWallet. Thus the digital wallet acts as a middle man.

Sharing slots

One thing that has become possible with online slots is playing slots online with friends. You can pass your device around and play slots in a group, each making individual deposits and withdrawals but still sharing the experience.

Does NETELLER hamper this ability? Not at all. If you owe your friend some money, you can easily transfer it via NETELLER. What’s more is the person that you transfer with does not need a NETELLER account of their own.

The person receives an e-mail, informing them that they have money waiting to be transferred. They can either accept or deny this request. Thus adding another layer of security to the service.


NETELLER is a third party service that aims to help keep people safe when transferring money online.

The service can help online casinos as its inbuilt software helps detect fraud or illegitimate funds. For players, we no longer need have our money sitting in an online casino account. We can hold it in our secure NETELLER eWallet, further removing the need to put our bank details online.

NETELLER is a service that keeps both the casino sites and slot players safe. There aren’t many things out there looking out for both parties.


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