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Taking care of human hair fron lace wigs property

Front lace wigs are lighter and cheaper than regular wigs,it has a lace base at front hairline that gives it a more natural look;the hair looks like be growing from your scalp when the wig is being applied on head.Lace wig makers use natural Indian Remy and Brazilian hair to make such wigs these years. Each strand of hair is hand tied onto a lace base on front of the wig cap,the rest of the wig was constructed with machine wefts or hair extensions.Many wig wearers like human hair front lace wigs,because they looks like their own hair, they are not bulky and can be styled again and blow drying,the natural color can be dyed. just like your real hair. However,how long a lace front wig can last depends on how well you take care of it.

Place the lace front wig on the Styrofoam model wig head and hold it in place using T pins or other methods.Comb out the hair strands in order to detangle when washing.The wig head ensures stability as you comb the hair strands; this feels like of combing hair on a human head.

Put a tablespoon of lace wig shampoo into a spray bottle and add lukewarm water.Spray the wig with this shampoo solution when you comb it,comb the lace front wig with a wide toothed comb.Mix a tablespoon of conditioner and lukewarm water,spread the conditioner on the wig hair using the wide tooth comb.

Rinse the lace front wig with cool water and blot it with the towel. Apply the knots sealer after air drying it, to ensure your wig does not is very important to use good quality hair sealer or ask for suggestion from seller,bad sealer will make the wig shedding on the contrary.

Place the lace front wig on the wig head or a wig stand after washing, to ensure it maintains its shape. Also use the wig stand when you don’t wear the lace front wig sometimes.

Wash and keep your hair clean. This helps prevent oil and dirt from being deposited onto the wig when worn it. you can wear a wig cap under the wig when you can’t ensure your hair clean all the time.

Practice proper attachment and removal of the lace front wig.Attach the wig to your hairline using liquid adhesive or wig adhesive tape.ensure you clean and prep your hairline before attaching the wig.Remove the wig using spray C-22, 99 percent alcohol and Lace Release Be careful not to pull the wig or force it off.

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