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This is why I love instgram

Do you know why I love instagram so much?

I will tell you why I love instagram som much that I do right know. I love royal families of Europe. And I love to bake and I love pets of all kind. The pet I love much is rabbits of all kind. I think the rabbit is funny animals. I use instagram every day to follow my favorite instagramer.

This picture from Instagram makes me so happy because of the children and the rooster. And it should even be a chicken on the picture to make it complete.

One of my favorite instgramer is Marty Stallone who is a medium. Not a medium like the swedish people know as. In sweden we call a medium the one who can speak to dead people. I love that kind om medium also but Marty Stallone is not that kind of medium.

Who is Marty Stallone?

Marty Stallone is Vice President at Metropolitan Management Group. Marty is living in USA and speak english of course. So if your english is good enough you can read and follow him. He also writes about environment and the economy. Its is intresting to get learn Marty Stallone and his opinions. The enviroment is very important right know. We all need more about enviroment of our life and our planet. And the economic conserne

Marty Stallone has also a homepage and you can find it here. He also have webinar if you want to learn some more of everything that he is writing about. I have once followed a webinar and I learned a lot of it. And I hope you can learn more about what Marty Stallone will tell you on his webinars.

You can also read about Hall of fame on Marty Stallones homepage. Marty has done lots of his life. He also have different sections on his webside. You can also find analysis of all kind if you visit Martys homepage. You can learn much on his homepage just visit and you will see.

I am writing this post in emergency at a hospital right know. Now I am finnished and I am going home. So wish me luck that I won ‘t come here no more because I dont like it here anymore.

How was your day today? Hope you can visit Marty Stallone in a compfortabel sofa and not in a hospital like I did. The only good thing with the hospital is that I have Wi-fi here and I can use it how much I want. Goodbye dear blogreaders and dont stay to long.




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