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Ni kan gå in och läsa hela blogg intervjun med mig av Helene Röös OurCityRadio här.

Anne is currently cooperating with firms who can buy advertising space at her blogg site or exchange services.  She has been blogging for six years and her blogg is open at all times for comments, but her active time online is during the day.

She begins at 9.00am with her first contribution, then follows up with a second contribution at midday.  Then, in the evening, she answers all the emails, also in the mornings Anne plans all her meetings with the printing press and media executive Emelie Andersson.  The Administrator for her Facebook group in connection to her blogg is Lotta Carlberg.  Lotta also runs her own business

Anne chose her line of work because she wanted to challenge herself since she is dyslexic, and she has succeed to prove that nothing is impossible. She wants to influence and help others to reach their own goals with their own businesses, products and services through her blogg.

Anne likes to able to write about who she is without being forced to shout louder than everybody else to make her voice heard.  She wants to be as independent as possible to reach out with her message and the message is this:  “I believe only in the power of mind and the power of attraction“.

Anne spends a lot of time and money to advertise her blog because without advertising she feels your business doesn’t exist, she says “you have to spend time and money to grow“.  She spends around 2000 SEK on advertising and 2000 SEK for travel and food per month.

Everyday is important, but during the weekends there are less meetings arranged and not so much blogging. Customers can read about Anne’s travels with different press meetings and also take part in the incredible big network she has. She also blogs about the two new firms she is starting.  She got in contact with them thanks to her blog.

It’s a constant battle to get exposure for the business every day, she says ‘Without advertising you vanish from the market’. You need to come up with interesting things that attracts people every day and make them want to follow your life and the blog. At all time she has to be one step ahead of the reader and to be the first to tip the audience on events and be retentive towards the crowd. It’s also important not to get stuck as a local blogger. The blog has to be based on events around the country so everybody can feel involved, not just people in the neighborhood. To travel around the country and write for the blog is very important right now and because Anne is often in Stockholm, attending press meetings she is invited to and then she is able to be the first on the market to inform about what’s happening all over.

Anna von Porat has been interviewed by the Swedish Radio in Uppsala together with the Pirate Party. She has also had her own radio show that was broadcasted every Sunday at 8 pm and her business has often been mentioned on the radio. All advertising is good advertising!

If you want to contact Anne von Porat her homepage is: email: [email protected]
Helene Röös OurCityRadio

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