A note from Eckhart

“When you listen to these talks, please be aware that the informational content, helpful as it may be, is always of secondary importance. Beyond the information that is being conveyed, something deeper is happening. As you listen, a field of alert stillness arises where before there was mental noise. You enter the state of Presence.

                This becomes possible because words that are spoken from a state of Presence carry an energy frequency that can awaken that same dimension of consciousness in the listener. Herein lies the power of all true spiritual teachings.

                This is also the reason why many people listen to these recordings again and again, and find that the words are always fresh and new, as if they were listening to them for the first time.

                If possible, listen to these recordings when you are not being distracted by other things. Know that, in the deepest sense, you are listening to yourself.”


                ~ Eckhart Tolle


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