Read this if you want to be an actor

Do you want to sing or play in a good movie?

I think it is every girls or boys dream to became a singer och an actor. Do you know how late in my life I started do dream to become an actor? When I saw Titanic with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio I wanted also to be an actor. I really loved her clothes in the film and I saw it twice in a month. I rembember that many people sawed it twice. And if I remember it wrigth there was a woman i USA who saw the Titanic 100 times. She loved the movie so much more than anyone else. I loved the clothes Kate Winslet

Do you know who John Jesensky is?

John Jesensky is a film and television composer. John Jesensky is currently a freelance film composer, scoring short and feature-length films as well as trailer and source music for top production companies. Several of his short scores have made appearances and won awards at events such as the Cannes Film Festival, Phoenix Film Festival, Bare Bones Film Festival and La Gona Film Festival. I have heard a lot of Cannes before but other things he has won awards I havent heard about it so much.

Do you know who John Ross Jesensky is?

John Ross Jesensky is an expert of photo and I want to became an expert as him. But what should I do to get an expert? Should I buy an expensive camera or go to a school to learn? I Don’t really know right now what to do. You could dequipment because in most cases these are useful when used by a highly experience photographero well with an inexpensive tripod as it helps you overcome the errors that occur when you have shaky hands.  You don’t have to spending a lot of money on.

I always want the most beautiful picture for my blog. Because the only thing that matters as a blogger is if you have beautiful pictures of yourself. I also read blogs if the pictures are good quality. I hade blogs with dark pictures because I will never visit them again. I know how a blogger will think that’s why this is very important for me as it is important for my readers and followers. Also at instgram the picture is very important maybe more important than in a blog.

What is the reason that you are visiting my blog? Is it the text or my pictures