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Hair extansion damage what you need to know

Among the top questions stylists receive throughout an extension consultation is “Will extensions damage my hair?” With respect to hair extensions method you select, the solution might be yes.


Before investing in any kind of extensions, the bottom line is to seek information.

If you’re experiencing extreme hair thinning or thinning, avoid any semi-permanent approach to extensions. As your locks are already inside a fragile condition, adding any pulling or pressure will damage your hair follicle further and result in more hair thinning. Unsure why hair is receding? Take a look at these eight common reasons for female hair thinning.

Never attempt to set up your personal extensions, always visit a licensed cosmetologist. Make certain they have received education or are specifically been trained in the technique of extensions you’re searching for, or you might be putting yourself vulnerable to damaging hair.

After the first application, your stylist must always coach you on the correct in your own home maintenance for the extensions. Your health is equally as essential for stopping hair extension damage, for example utilizing a heat protectant before styling and taking advantage of the hairdressing products. With respect to the method, plan a reapplication or check-up to guarantee the extensions are applied properly and never pulling in the hair.

With a few methods, natural shedding will occur. However, if you think there’s been more hair thinning than usual, talk to your stylist. When the hair follicle continues to be broken, that hair won’t re-grow, so you should address the problem immediately.

Sew in and braid-in would be the two methods most appropriate for coarse or thick hair. However, they are able to make the most stress towards the hairline. With time, tight braids can harm the hair and even result in your hair to interrupt.

For those who have thin or fragile hair, consider using a tape in method, the least damaging approach to extensions, because they require no braiding, clips, or untidy connecting agents.

Lastly, always purchase your hair weave via a licensed cosmetologist or trustworthy source. Avoid hair shops or beauty supply stores, because the locks are poor, and also the supply of your hair is unknown.

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