Education is a democratic life

Every young person should have the best education even if you are from a poor family. It is every human right to have an education. That is why I call it democratic life.

People always talk about that a woman or a girl should get education. I think that even if you do not have money you should have afford to study. Money should not matter if you will become a doctor or not.

I love boarding school as it is in Harry Potter movies. They study to became a wisard. In Sweden only rich people can study in a boarding school. Because all of them are private only for rich people. All royalties in sweden went to the boarding school. I came across the Nationwide Debt Direct scholarship who was created with the belief that everyone who wants to pursue a higher education should have the opportunity to do so.  Even if you are a poor person.  Nationwide Debt Direct is committed to helping students receive a higher education, while also keeping their student debt as low as possible. In Sweden the debt is very high poor students.

Nationwide Debt Direct has also a video that you can look at. You will se a girl who is explaine everything for you live. Even if your english is not good enough you will understand 80 % of all she says. Because she only using simply words in english. You should look at it and go for it. If I had the time I would study more to learn me more in my life.

The most important thing in life is your health and your education. If you have a education it means that you got the power. Look at all rich people in the world they all have education and the power. We want you to be powerful and rich in the future.

If I was born rich I would have a personal teacher who could follow me every where. I would also have a personal shopper and a personal cock that could make all my meals. I would have meals without carbonate so I could lost weight. What would you wish if you had all the money in the world or if you were born rich? First of all we all should be healty and then a good education. After these two wishes we can wish whatever we want. I wish you good luck in life!